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Over the last 6 years, I have used a fusion of editorial, documentary, and meticulous details to capture beautiful memories.

And advanced planning, impeccable service, and fly-on-the-wall discretion to create beautiful experiences. 

lA préparation | the preparation

The Details

The more I know about you, your style, and your vision, the better I can serve you and curate your images. So, I will start by asking questions to understand your preferences and needs and I will proactively prepare to meet and exceed them. 

shared vision

As we prepare for your day I will be available to talk to you, answer your questions or bounce ideas off of. And I will familiarize myself with the design, details, and dynamics of your day so I understand the full picture of your vision.


I will consider how you described your wedding and the moments you look forward to. Then, I will collaborate with your planner to create a photography timeline that keeps you and your experience at the center. 


I will connect with your venue in advance. Carefully pre-plan the best vantage points. And analyze the sunset and the direction of the light. In other words, when your big day arrives, I will show up creatively inspired and fully prepared—no matter where your celebration takes place. 

She helped scout the location of first look and ceremony. She made great suggestions. And she went with the flow whenever it was needed.

She added zero stress to our day. 


le but | the purpose 

The Coverage

Using digital and film, plus creative lighting to elevate the overall aesthetic, I will capture your real moments as they unfold. And create fine art photographs with purpose and intention.

engagement session

While some photographers pose and direct every couple the same, I take a more tailored approach based on your energy and personality. Your engagement session gives me a chance to connect with and observe you so I can adapt my style. And it gives you a chance to practice in front of the camera before your big day. ​​​​​​​

mindful coverage

Throughout your day, I will pay attention to your energy. I will capture your moments without inserting myself into them. And I will work with your planner to ensure you have time to breathe and take it all in- while I photograph it all.

She makes sure she captures all the images you dream of. She knew exactly what she was doing.
 And remembered every shot I wanted.

All the images you dream of

—  ruba

l'impact | the impact

The Images

I will intentionally edit your images with true colours and a soft, nostalgic style. That showcases real emotions, gorgeous details, and significant moments—All for you to pass on to and impact- future generations.


I will likely be as excited to share your images with you as you are to see them. So, I will edit and send a handful of Instagramable photos within 48 hours. Followed by a full gallery of curated images just 6 weeks later.​​​​​​​


A heartfelt work of art that beautifully preserves the significant people and moments of your wedding day —in an artfully designed album. So you can hold onto, revisit, and share them for years to come.

Our photos are so beautiful. We absolutely love them. We also know that these are those epic photos that families share and look back on for centuries to come, and feel a certain special connection to. 

Epic photos that families share and look back on for centuries to come.



Lifestyle | Branding | Family

Beyond weddings, I am honored to document a range of beautiful experiences and memories.

Be it engagement portraits, branding for your business, or annual family photos—preserving a visual narrative of your life's journey is an honor and a gift.




Every celebration is unique and personal. 
For this reason, I create custom collections tailored to what matters most to you.
Inquire now to start creating yours.

Wedding collections start at 5495.